8400 Objects, James Watt Workshop

An audio-visual, multi-screen sequence commissioned by the Science Museum for their permanent exhibition of engineer James Watt’s Workshop. The workshop represents a complete physical record of the working life and interests of the renowned Scottish engineer. All the furniture, the floorboards and door, window and skylight, and 8,430 objects, have been preserved essentially as they were left upon Watt’s death in 1819. The display comprises 8 projections, surround sound and programmed lighting. The project included a six-month artist in residency by Gilly Booth within the museum to develop and test the concept.

Director and Editor – Gilly Booth

Researcher and Animator – Chris Horrocks

Graphic Designer – Paul Plowman

Art Directors – Gilly Booth and Paul Plowman

Sound Designer – Dominic Robson

Musicians – Fernhill

3D Designer – Sarah Stallard

Programmer and Installer – Dominic Robson

Lighting Engineer – Jonathan Howard

a hijack production 2011

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