One Dau Trois 1 2 3

A 35mm short film about love, loss and language. A collage of image text and sound in which the film follows a Woman (A) and a Man (B) from Cardiff to Paris to interview an anarchist who ends up talking about where she gets her hair cut. A moebian strip of desire which ends in a semaphore of pop music.

director and editor – Gilly Booth
producer – Michele Ryan
director of photography – Roland Denning
script – Gilly Booth
sound recording – Pasha Shilov
camera assistant – Leon Hoser
production assistant – Rachel Whitfield
graphics – Paul Plowman
sound composition – Sonovac
A – Silvea Sacco
B – Fabritzio Campaiola
Anarchist – Laurence Lize
French Woman – Brigitte Libmann
Semaphore – Chief Petty Officer Brian Mills
Radio voice – Dafydd Du

produced by Teliesyn, sponsored by the Lottery Arts Council of Wales, distributed internationally by the British Council and exhibited in galleries including the ICA and Chapter Arts Centre.