8400 Objects

An audio visual multi-screen permanent installation commissioned by the Science Museum, London for the newly reinstated workshop of the engineer James Watt. The display comprises 8 projections, surround sound and programmed lighting. The project included a six-month artist in residency by Gilly Booth within the museum to develop and test the concept and work alongside senior curators Andrew Nahum and Ben Russell.

Direction, photography & editing : Gilly Booth/hijack, Art direction : Gilly Booth, Paul Plowman, Graphic design : Paul Plowman, Research, copywriting & animation : Chris Horrocks, Sound design : Dominic Robson/Harmonic Kinetic, AV installation: Harmonic Kinetic, 3d design : Sarah Stallard, Musicians : Fernhill

a hijack production

film documentation 8400 Objects © hijack

Feature in the Times Newspaper 2011