EDUARDO PAOLOZZI: Archaeology of a future

An archival feature documentary currently in development featuring the late artist Eduardo Paolozzi. His visionary, hypnotic voice guides us through a cinematic landscape of war, technology, fascism, and art, kaleidoscopically reconstructing the past in the present. 

Supported by Ffilm Cymru, Paolozzi Foundation, NESTA, Scottish National Gallery, Tate, Pallant House Gallery and V&A.

film trailer

… the paradox of creativity is that it is always preceded or simultaneously accompanied by, an act of destruction, which is both real and symbolic. The very process of collage makes this inevitable. The word collage is inadequate as a description because concept should include; damage, erase, destroy, deface, and transform all parts of a metaphor for the creative act itself. Thus the creative act of collage is a method of taking the world apart and reassembling it in the order that one understands, and that order is ruled by one’s emotions, intuition and intellect. That is Surrealism. And that is perception.

Eduardo Paolozzi