One Dau Trois 1 2 3

A 35mm short film about love, loss and language. A collage of image text and sound in which the film follows a Woman (A) and a Man (B) from Cardiff to Paris to interview an anarchist who ends up talking about where she gets her hair cut. A moebian strip of desire which ends in a semaphore of pop music.

director and editor – Gilly Booth, producer – Michele Ryan, director of photography – Roland Denning, script – Gilly Booth, sound recording – Pasha Shilov, camera assistant – Leon Hoser, production assistant – Rachel Whitfield, graphics – Paul Plowman, sound composition – Sonovac, A – Silvea Sacco, B – Fabritzio Campaiola, Anarchist – Laurence Lize. French Woman – Brigitte Libmann, Semaphore – Chief Petty Officer Brian Mills, Radio voice – Dafydd Du

produced by Teliesyn, sponsored by the Lottery Arts Council of Wales, distributed internationally in film festivals by the British Council  and exhibited in galleries including the ICA, and Chapter Arts Centre, and the conference ‘Transversality’, Reading University. Premiered at the Curzon Cinema, Soho, London.

One Dau Trois 1 2 3, film link